Artists are canaries in the coal mine of modern business, experiencing seismic tech disruptions years before those in other industries. Follow the music, see the future.
Here are my picks for the three best—and three worst—music business showings this past year.
What the electric vehicle sector can learn from the mogul's long lost Jeep deal.
There’s been a remix of hip-hop’s five richest acts—featuring new highs for Jay-Z, new dips for Kanye and Dre, billionaire status for Diddy and the…
The best way to get kids to enjoy softball, or other things you like.
I'm back from paternity leave! And I want to know what you'd like to see me write about in the coming weeks and months.
Traditional classification systems struggle to be relevant in an age where the term “chill” means more than “R&B.”
My book wouldn’t be complete without a dedication—to my newborn daughter.
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