We Are All Musicians Now: Table Of Contents

Click your way through the sections of the only book that will show you how to innovate like a music mogul.

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Artists are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine of modern business, experiencing many seismic technological disruptions years before those in other industries. Follow the music, see the future.


Introduction: We Are All Musicians Now

Prologue: What Does “We Are All Musicians Now” Actually Mean?

Chapter 1: The Ownership of Genius

Part 1: Paul McCartney’s Biggest Regret

Part 2: How Michael Jackson Got His Master Recordings Back

Part 3: A $47.5 Million Bargain—The Best Music Publishing Deal Ever

Part 4: The Unlikely King Of Hair Metal

Part 5: Sean Combs And The Ownership of Genius

Intermission: Why Artists & Writers Are All Musicians Now

Chapter 2: The Genius Of Ownership

Part 1: A Groundbreaking Moment For Hip-Hop

Part 2: TBD, September 24th, 2021